Construction Updates

We are so excited about the construction that’s on-going at our main library branch. The fronts of our three Winnsboro buildings are getting beautiful updates & we can’t wait to share them with you when everything is finished. You can check back on this page for some updated pictures as the construction continues to progress.

*Remember: Even though we’re under construction, the library is still open. The inside is still fully operational. Park & come in at the back door. We’d still love to see you.

Construction Beginning in April 2023

No More Front Awnings! Look at those transom windows!

Temp Walls Going Up

Sneaking a peak at the pressed tin ceilings underneath the dropped ceiling….

New Sidewalks Going In!

New Brick Going Up!

No More Back Awnings or Shutters! We just love our buildings! Look at that ARCH!

Paint is going up on the back of the buildings!

Paint is going up on the front faces of the buildings!

Window framing going up! We can’t wait for windows!

(Don’t mind the paint being messy. There was an issue with the old paint pulling away from the building below the new paint. It’ll all be beautiful, perfect paint before long!)

Windows going in upstairs & paint details going up! We can see the light at the end of the tunnel!

Our beautiful, historic buildings are beginning to shine again! Look at those paint details!

We have front glass now! Even one door! We’re so excited to see one of the temporary construction walls finally coming down! Two more big temp walls to go!

We’re still waiting on some glass panels to come in but that isn’t stopping our crew! They’ve boarded up where the glass will eventually be so they can continue working on the inside! We have flooring going in & ceiling tiles getting put up!

Our new awnings are going up!!!

Our storefronts are officially finished other than small corrections! Our public patrons may now use our front door and enjoy walking past our windows for the StoryWalk®!

The front public area of our genealogy building is finished!

More Updates Coming Soon!